Dr. Blair Crewther

Dr. Blair Crewther PhD, MHSc (Hon), BSR
Sports Scientist
P. +64 (0) 21 236 1410
E. blair@optimalsports.co.nz

Dr. Blair Crewther developed an interest in sport and exercise as a competitive rugby union and league player, and track and field athlete. Blair is now a leading sports scientist and practitioner in New Zealand, having worked with many elite athletes and teams throughout Australasia.

Blair is currently completing his PhD with Southern Cross University, Australia and has developed collaborative links with scientists throughout New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Brazil. He has published a number of articles and original research in peer reviewed journals, and has presented at conferences throughout New Zealand, Australia and America.

Blair’s research interests include the mechanical, hormonal and metabolic stimuli for weight training adaptation; the short-term effects of steroid hormones upon athletic performance and adaptation; and hormone dynamics and assessment in saliva. He is passionate about performing innovative, but practical, research that can be applied within sporting practise to enhance our knowledge and understanding of human movement.
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