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Does Travel Effect You?...

Most systems (e.g. physical, biological, endocrine, neural) of the human body undergo normal chan..

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Dealing with Shin Splints

With the start of a new season it is very common for athletes to place increased demands on thei..

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Are you really training for tennis-specific endurance?

Training for tennis requires a structured endurance-training program. Competitive tennis requir..

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Kyle Mills - New Zealand Black Caps

KYLE MILLS – New Zealand Black Caps “Throughout the past five years I have had the privilege to have been associated with Greg at Optimal Sports. I have worked with him in a team and individual environment. What aspect I like with Optimal Sports is that when you're doing the ‘hards’ they are always there with you doing it just as tough, always pushing you through the pain barrier. They take into account your individual needs and goals and adjust your performance plan accordingly. Greg has also assisted me in two injury rehabilitation's that have helped me get back into the national side. There is no doubt I wouldn't have achieved what I have without Optimal Sports.” Read More >>

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